it's juls (wandererjulia) wrote in capicontest,
it's juls

003 - techniques


For this challenge you have to use different techniques.
You can choose a single technique, like for example making all of your icons in close crops, or negative space, using either vibrant colors or muted ones, using textures or not.
So for example you can make 4 icons with negative space, or 3 icons negative space and 1 close crop, or 2 close crops and 2 negative space. It's up to you.
Black and white can be use as well, because it's a technique of its own.
If you have any question just ask.

You can use any caps between November 6 and November 12 to make your icons. The first cap is here and the last cap is here, if you'd like to click through the posts. There are 16 caps in total for you to choose from. If you have any questions, please ask!

• you can enter up to four (4) icons
• this challenge closes on Saturday November 28st at 12:00 (noon) EST
• post your icons in a new entry
• tag your entries like so: "maker: username, challenge 002, entries"
rules + info
Tags: challenge 003, ~challenges
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