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013 - volcanoes can find love, but i can't get a TEXT back


volcanoes can find love, but i can’t get a text back

This week, your icons should include the technical challenge of text. You can use numbers. You can use letters. You can use a million different fonts, so long as it fits with within LJ’s icon standards.

In the interest of getting caught up with the GORGEOUS caps used over at capspiration, we are expanding the number of caps you can use for this challenge. You can use any caps between January 29 and February 14 to make your icons. The first cap is here and the last cap is here. There are 30 caps in total for you to choose from. If you have any questions, please ask!

phaust_ anobrain naginis

hitsuga adriftingsea esgeee

• you can enter up to four (4) eight (8) icons [hey! we have a lot more caps! :D]
• this challenge closes on Sunday, March 20th at 03:00 (pm) EST
• post your icons in a new entry
• tag your entries like so: "maker: username, challenge 013, entries”
rules + info
Voting for Challenge 013 finishes shortly.
Tags: challenge 013, ~challenges
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