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Challenge Poll

Happy New Year everyone! We'll be back on Monday with a new challenge, but before we kick off our start of 2020, I have a quick question for you. There was a suggestion of having some more 'All Caps' challenges that were themed in some way - e.g. TV Tropes, Heroes and Villains, Full Body - but you could use any cap that had been posted to capspiration rather than just the selection from the previous two weeks. It would potentially mean more cap-hunting but could also mean the challenge themes could expand a bit more - I've been struggling to come up with themes that can be used for any fandom/selection of caps.

Would you be interested in a trial of these themed All Caps challenges? I was thinking maybe alternating and having two regular cap-restricted challenges for every themed All Caps challenge, with the un-themed All Caps challenges still happening but a bit more regularly too (maybe every 10-15th challenge rather than 20-25th).

Let me know what you think!

Monday's challenge will be a cap-restricted challenge as usual, but there will be more caps than usual in order to catch up with capspiration after the hiatus here.
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