novindalf (novindalf) wrote in capicontest,

Mod Post

Hi guys, so sorry for neglecting the comm for a couple of weeks. I'm preparing for a two month trip abroad with work and there's a lot of things I've had to get sorted out, with very little free time to do it in.

The comm will be going on hiatus from Monday 4th November until early January anyway whilst I am away, but there's time to squeeze in a quick one-week challenge from Monday 28th October - Sunday 3rd October with all the new images posted up until this Sunday (27th Oct), which will probably be about 60 images total for the challenge. There won't be any chance of extensions and I may not be able to post voting/results before I leave on my trip.

Would anyone still like a one-week challenge next week with ~60 caps? Please comment below to let me know!
Tags: ~mod
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