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rules + info

capicontest is a weekly icon challenge community where the challenges center around the caps posted at capspiration every week. This community is open to everyone to enter. Your mods are vapor and wandererjulia.

general rules
-Icons must be made new for this challenge.
-You can create up to four icons for the challenge.
-Post your icons in a new entry tagged like so: "maker: username, challenge ###, entries".
-Icons can only be made from the caps posted in the designated week at capspiration.

other things
-Challenges will run from Saturday to Saturday.
-The first place winner will be the community's default icon for the week.
-There will be no banners unless they're requested.
-Generally, challenges will be technical themes that you can do with the caps at capspiration. It won't be cap-hunting challenges such as, "faceless," "full-body," etc.
-If you don't like the caps at capspiration you can either start posting there or request!

promote us
Help us out by promoting the community anywhere you can! You can use this banner. ^_^
Tags: ~mod
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