November 23rd, 2020

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113 - Primary Colours

CHALLENGE 113: Primary Colours

This challenge is all about the primary colours red, blue and yellow. Each icon made for this challenge must dominantly feature at least two of the three primary colours. Other colours are allowed, but it must be mainly primary colours. Some leeway with the shades or primary colours is ok as long as it doesn't start to look more like a different major colour, e.g. cyan, orange, purple, green, etc.

You can use any caps between 19th October - 15th November to make your icons. These caps are included in the lj-cut in this post (hover for fandom). If you have any questions, please ask!

barstr7 nightbulbs sietepecados

theotherayn violateraindrop xafirah

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• You can enter up to six (6) icons
• This challenge closes on Sunday 6th December at 23:59 (11:59pm) GMT
• Post your icons in a new entry
• Tag your entries like so: "challenge 113, maker: username, ~entries"
Rules + Info
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112 - Voting

CHALLENGE 112: Spring Forward, Fall Back

Many thanks to everyone who entered!

• Vote in a comment below
• Vote for your top three in order - voting is weighted!
• Choose one icon per special category
• Do not vote for yourself or encourage others to vote for you
• Voting will close on Wednesday 25th November at 11:59am GMT
• Please use the provided form:

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