November 28th, 2015

  • vapor


muted tones

This week your icon should feature low contrast, muted coloring.

You can use any caps between November 13 and November 19 to make your icons. The first cap is here and the last cap is here, if you'd like to click through the posts. There are 13 caps in total for you to choose from. If you have any questions, please ask!

tturners neverberoyals dixon

sucksucksmile neatmonster adriftingsea

• you can enter up to four (4) icons
• this challenge closes on Saturday December 5th at 12:00 (noon) EST
• post your icons in a new entry
• tag your entries like so: "maker: username, challenge 004, entries"
rules + info

003 - voting

So many beautiful entries for this week challenge :)
hopefully I haven't messed them up in the table, if I did please let me know so I can fix it :)

• vote in a comment below
• vote for your top three in order - voting is weighted!
• choose one icon per special category
• do not vote for yourself or encourage others to vote for you
• please use the provided form

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